Category: FAQ

Is there any copyright violation for listing books in this website?

No, no copyright violation is within this website. All the books listed in this website are just links. Please click here for the details.

If I forget the URL to this website, how can I find it?

Simply search Google,Yahoo,,,or other search engines for the following keywords:

“Free Computer Books”,
“Free Ajax Books”,
“Computer Books”,

Also, the URL for this website is:

Why are there many mirror sites for the same book?

When searching for books or the web, there may be more than one link for the same book in the search result. We ramdonly pick one as the “main” site, and mark the rest as [mirror] sites.

The benefit is: when the main site does not work well for you (for example, either too slow or broken), you can pick a [mirror] site if there is one.